Research of the highly advanced manufacturing technology of the Mold by combined use of industrial metal 3D printer

3D printer & Additive Manufacturing, Research - Direct Laser Melting with High Speed Milling

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Research of air permeable structure manufacturing conditions and surface treatment technology

The effect of the surface treatment technology by electron beam machining is experimentally considered for the purpose of the maintenance and improvement of ventilation performance in a gas permeable mold. By the experimental condition to which the energy density was changed, irradiation of the electron beam to a gas permeable mold is performed, and the surface roughness of a worked surface and change of surface free energy are measured. Surface free energy is connected with the surface wettability of material. The experiment for carrying out maintenance improvement of the ventilation performance is advanced.

Fig. The mirror finished surface processing machine adapting an electron beam

This research is done by the subsidy of the cycle race (26-127).