The promising students who wish to research at our laboratory

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There are people who will play an active part in the 21st century, and support the world.  They are the current students including you.  I like the students who are aware of it and value this current period.

There are someone who is suitable as a researcher, someone  who  is suitable to play an active part in a company.  In order to develop each person’s individuality, at my laboratory, the teaching method is changed for every student.  The student who understands the supervising policy of our laboratory is desired to apply for our laboratory.

How is our area of research harnessed in society?

The area of research in which I am engaged is called production engineering and manufacturing science. As for this area of research, the state-of-the-art technology is introduced promptly.  On the other hand, there are also still many phenomena which are not solved. Accordingly, production engineering and manufacturing science are broad and very attractive areas of research. In each university and the industrial technology center of each prefecture, the laboratory of this specialized field is certainly located.  It is an indispensable field in society.

An intelligent robot etc. come out in a market and the complicated system has been overflowing to the world very much recently. However, production engineering and manufacturing science are the fields to which the foundation of the mechanical engineering and the foundation of information engineering are very helpful. It is a very dynamic area of research which redefines a complicated system using a simple principle and produces new technology.

In particular, at our laboratory, 3D printer and Mold technology are studied specially,  high-speed robot, KANSEI design, etc. are applied and ultramodern, further advanced study is promoted. It is very suitable for the student who wants to reach to an extreme of this area of research.

Atmosphere of our laboratory

Within a friendly atmosphere, all the members of our laboratory have a sense of mission, and are promoting their subject of research.  A student takes the presentation guidance for explaining one’s details of study plainly for others.  Just before the society conference used as a turning point, they have also at the slightly difficulty moment.  However, if they overcame it, they have obtained the very solid sense of accomplishment.

Since they tried hard by the society presentation, many students who get a best presentation award from societies have come out.

Our laboratory is very suitable for someone who considers that he/she would like to develop his/her capability.

Laboratory seminar

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